I’m taking a poll. If you read this, please respond to me directly, or leave a comment below about the quality you most deplore in yourself. (Not a physical feature.) I am genuinely interested. I’ll go first.

I lack self-restraint. I don’t consider myself impulsive, but I am terrible at holding back - from spending money, speaking my mind, indulging in food to excess, texting someone when I shouldn’t, flirting with someone when I shouldn’t, refraining from talking shit when I know better, etc.

My high school’s motto was “Potens Sui”, which is Latin for self-restraint, or what my school politely reframed as the more positive “Mastery of Self”.

My Sui lacks the Potens, big time. I try a little harder every day, but I fear this will be my lifelong losing battle.

What’s yours?